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2 Pin USB Power Adapter Plug

2 Pin USB Power Adapter Plug
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2 Pin USB Power Adapter Plug Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia


Always want to use small USB device but inconvenient to carry your PC and notebook everywhere? This USB power adapter plug is the best solution.

This power USB power adapter plug is a 2 pin plug, where you can use it as a wall plug. Just plug it on any plug on wall or extension cord, and you are free to use your USB LED light, USB fan, USB warmer and any USB products.

For example, when you are in the kitchen in the middle of the night, you need some light to fetch your cup and water. Switching on the big lamp will make you wide-awake and can’t get back to your sweet dream.

In this case, you can always get ready before you go to sleep. Get a USB power adaptor plug, plug in to the nearest source and plug in your USB LED light. When you feel thirsty in the midnight, just walk in to your kitchen, switch on the power adaptor, and you will get the light! Not too much to make you wide-awake, and not too less for you to get a cup of water. It is just nice.

Similar application can be used in your staircase or toilet. You need some light to make it visible, but you do not need super bright light from our normal fluorescent lamp. A USB power adapter and USB LED light will be your right choice.

With this USB power adapter plug, you can use it anywhere. Kitchen, bedroom, staircase, or even in the toilet! Get one now and experience the surprising convenience of USB power adapter plug!


  • 2 pin plug
  • Input: AC110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: DC5V +/- 5% , 1000mA +/- 50mA


Last Updated: zin 2019-12-19

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