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Cateye Bar End Mirror BM-45 Black

Cateye Bar End Mirror BM-45 Black
Brand: Cateye
Categories: *All Bicycle  Accessories  Grips & Bar Ends  Safety 
Product Code: 1519
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Cateye Bar End Mirror BM-45 Black

Cateye bar end mirror
Sleek, ultralight barend mirror easily attaches to drop and flat handlebars.

Our sleek new ultralight BM-45 barend mirror easily attaches to drop and flat bars, making it perfect for all bikes. 

Constructed of aluminum and glass for durability and nearly distortion-free viewing, the BM-45 represent the height of handlebar mirror construction and design. Minimal projection from the bar means never having to sacrifice clean aesthetics for critical rear-view safety again. 

Bike bar end mirror bikelah

Fully adjustable, durable, scratch resistant handlebar mirror that is also superlight.


Lens size: ø45mm
Weight: 35 grams
Applicable diameter: Inner diameter ø16〜25.4mm
Tightening torque: 8.5N・m
Other: Allen key (3mm) included
Last Updated: sam 2019-02-15

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