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Minoura LiveRide Bike Trainer LR760

-16% Minoura LiveRide Bike Trainer LR760
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Minoura LiveRide Bike Trainer LR760

Minoura LR760
Behold the Twin Mag LR760 Trainer - the most powerful & widest range ever! 

LR760 Bikelah

The Minoura LR760 LiveRide indoor bicycle trainer is made by Minoura who produces high end Japanese cycling accessories. 



The Minoura LR760 trainer uses magnetic resistance to provide the resistance for the rider and it specializes in using dual neodymium magnets which give up to 13 different resistance levels. This trainer also comes with a remote shifter to allow the rider to adjust the resistance while staying on the bike whereas some other units require you to demount and adjust at the base.

Minoura Bicycle Control

The unit is super quiet and ultra-smooth This trainer is much quieter than its counterparts.

It also boasts the top power of 640W at 25 miles per hour which is fast for an indoor trainer with a high power output.


It also is adjustable to allow the user to change the bikes that they are training.

Also it has the ability to transfer data vie Bluetooth to compatible devices to track your training.

Phone Bluetooth
The LR760 trainer is also compact and easy to store away. All you need to do is fold it up! 

Fold Trainer

The main product features are:

  • Remote shifter for increasing magnetic resistance
  • 640w at 25mph
  • 6lb flywheel for sturdy performance
  • Dual Neodymium magnets
  • Super quiet and ultra smooth performance
  • Generates 829 Watt power at 40 km/h (H range)
  • 35% stronger and 2x resistance range than V-series
  • 2.7 kgs virtual flywheel weight
  • 13 resistance levels
  • Quick release remote shifter
  • Allows high-speed/low-resistance training


Introduction to LiveRide


How to set up your trainer

Minoura logo
Proud product of Minoura

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