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BM Works Phone Bike Mount Large

BM Works Phone Bike Mount Large
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BM Works Slim3 Bicycle Mount (Large)

BM Works Slim3

Introducing the spectacular protector of phones, the convenient bicycle mount, the BM Works Slim3!

Now you can easily store and access your smartphone as you navigate the world on your bike!

Slim3 Rear
Suitable for a wide range of smartphones, including but not limited to the iPhone 6 Plus, 6, Google Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4, 3 , HTC Desire Eye, One (M8), Desire 820, Desire 816, Motorola Droid Turbo, LG G3! 

Product Features

Touchscreen Usage
Access your phone via your touchscreen after your phone is securely stored in the bike case
Slim3 Mount Rotate
Want to watch a movie while you ride? We wouldn't recommend it. That said, if you ever want landscape mode, just rotate the bike case while it's on the mount. Voila!

Sound Hole For Plugs & Things
Plug your phone into other things or charge it even while it's safely inside its housing

Easy Install
Install the bike mount without the need for any tools. Simply screw on the clip and your case is good to clip on!

Touch Screen UsagePhone Rotate IconSound Hole IconNo Tools Required Icon


What You Get

Slim3 Packaging

Product Specifications





110 x 165mm



Check out the manufacturer's page for cool videos! Last Updated: sam 2016-06-05

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