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B-Soul Bicycle Handlebar Pouch

B-Soul Bicycle Handlebar Pouch
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B-Soul Bicycle Handlebar Pouch

Bsoul bike pouch

This handlebar pouch is specially designed for your folding bicycle.

It takes advantage of the long headset on your bike so that you hardly feel the weight of the bag and its contents.

The bag is designed to face you when it is fixed so that you can easily reach into to get you whatever you need.

The pouch wraps onto your bicycle with four extra long velcro attachment straps: two along the handlebar, and two down the headset.


Made of thick fabric and vinyl, with nylon inserts to help the bag retain its shape. The close forming vinyl cover on the zipperline helps repel water in the event of a light drizzle. 

But if it starts to pour, just open the zipper at the bottom and you'll find a rain cover with an elastic edge. Pull it out and slip it over and get on with your journey.

When you open the pouch, it opens up to a 45-degree angle so you can easily reach in, yet it will not spread apart completely, thanks to two fabric guides that hold the lid to the pouch at precisely 45 degrees.



Condition : Brand new

Material : 1680D wateproof material

Dimension : 16*12.5*10cm

Last Updated: law 2018-08-16

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