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A Batik face mask is so traditional and cultural. Makes me proud to be a Malaysian, wearing these eco-friendly, locally designed and made in Penang with washable, breathable cotton,comfy and protective 3 ply with anti virus filter. There's an extra set of adjustable cords when the current elastic ge.. ...continue reading»
Eco friendly greenie

*All Bicycle

*All Bicycle
Bicycle Chain Lubricant Specification:50ML         &..
Bicycle Rear Panniers Rack For V brake -25%
Bicycle Rear Panniers Rack For V brake For 26" V Brake bicycles like MTB and Tour bikes C..
RM120.00 RM89.90
Bicycle Soft Gel Cushion Saddle Pad/Cover  Anti-slip gripping material on underside of c..
Bikelah I Love My Wife Sport Tee -17%
Bikelah I Love My Wife Sport Tee Show your partner just how much you love them (and cycling)!&nbs..
RM30.00 RM24.90
Bikelah Steel Derailleur Guard Protector These derailleur guards are made of one-piece 5..
Cable Housing End Caps for Shifter or Brake  Specifcations: (Inner diameter x Ou..
Cable Housing End Caps for Shifter -50%
Cable Housing End Caps for Shifter or Brake   Specifcations: (Inner diameter..
RM5.00 RM2.50
Cateye Auto Sensor Reflector Tail Light TL-AU165 New Cateye auto sensor multi-function ..
Cateye Bicycle Loop Light SL-LD110W Safety light design comes full circle with the CatEye Lo..
Cateye Bicycle Side Mirror BM-500G (Right)  Description: You can never be too safe on..
Cateye CR2032 Lithium Micro Cell Battery Always be ready with a spare battery for your elect..
Cateye Spare Parts for Velo 9 CC-VL820, Velo 5 CC-VL520 and Enduro (CC-ED400) Spare part / re..
Cateye Digital Double Wireless CC-TR210DW V3N The Cateye Digital Double Wireless – speed &..
Cateye Fit Bike & Walk Wireless Meter (CC-PD100W) Cateye's amazing Fit Wireless Meter comb..
Cateye Heart Rate Sensor Kit HR-11   Product description The CatEye HR-11 ANT+ Heart..