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Kenda Bicycle Tube 700x28/32C Presta

Kenda Bicycle Tube 700x28/32C Presta
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Kenda 700x28/32c F/V Butyl Bicycle Tube

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  • Size: 700 x 28/32c ( Will fit all tyres with these sizes on them )
  • Valve: Presta - ( Also known as Racing type, French Valve & Skinny Valve )
  • Average Weight: 104grams
  • Plastic valve cap included with each tube
  • You get 1 tubes which will Fit Road Bike tyre sizes 700 x 28/32c


Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

Note :  The rim valve hole diameter for Schrader is approximately 8mm and 6mm for Presta.  So you cannot fit a tube with Schrader valve in a wheel that was made for Presta valve.  Unless you want to widen the hole with a drill - some bike shops will do this for you

How to choose your inner tube?

The inner tube markings is supposed to fit the tyre.  So check the tyre markings

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

Its says 20 x 1.35, meaning the wheel diameter is 20" and the width of the tyre is 1.35 inches

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

And sometimes you can also see the ETRTO (ISO) marking.  In the above case, its 32-406.  Meaning the witdh of the tyre is 32 mm and the rim diameter of the wheel is 406 mm. In fact the diameter to be precise is measured between the bead seat (BSD)

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

Note:  Important to note that 406 and 451 are both marked as 20" but they are different and not interchangeable

           Confusing abbreviations used for denoting type of valve, but they mean all the same! 

           F / V or S / V for French valve or Presta valve 

           A / V for Schrader valve or Auto/ America Valve

          Some tube companies use S / V to denote Schrader Valve.  

          If you want to know more about innner tube sizing, visit

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

Proud product of Kenda

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