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Shimano Cartridge V Brake Shoes

Shimano Cartridge V Brake Shoes
Brand: Shimano
Categories: *All Bicycle  Brakes 
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Shimano Cartridge Brake Shoes Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

Comes in a pair


Pad size: 70cm

Weight : 27 grams each

Can be used in the following models

BR-M770  BR-M760  BR-M750 BR-M739  BR-M737  BR-M600  BR-M580

BR-M570  BR-M530  BR-M510 BR-M432  BR-M431  BR-M430  BR-M422

BR-M421  BR-M420  BR-M330 BR-T660  BR-T300  BR-MX70  BR-MC18


Quality replacement brake shoes and pads, suitable for Shimano XT and also other types of bikes. Comes in pairs.

Last Updated: lin 2022-01-29

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