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Vincita Bicycle Transport Box Bag with Wheels

-37% Vincita Bicycle Transport Box Bag with Wheels
Brand: Vincita
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Vincita Transport Box Bag with Wheels

B144 Transport Bag

Ever want to bring your bicycle overseas? Want to find a simple way of carrying your precious bicycle around without lifting it? Then, this is the product for you, made especially for people who just love to bring their cycling activities to overseas. 

This bag has satisfied more than thousand users around the world. Our B144 is designed to fit Road bike, Mountain bike and Touring bike.

Bikelah Transport Box Wheels

The B144 is tough and made of corrugated plastic sheet and water-resistant fabric. Parts and wheels of the bag are connected by velcro, the whole bag can be flatten for easier storage.

Only weights 6.5 kg, comes with 4 wheels allowing you to drag it along like a luggage.

Suitable for airline transportation (Oversized baggage). 

User needs to remove both wheels, handlebar and pedals.


600D (water resistant) / fabric /5mm. corrugate plastic sheet / Large zipper 


Strong construction with 5mm. corrugated plastic sheet
Adjustable shoulder straps
Plastic runners to protect bottom of bag 
Extra front grip for pulling the bag along 
Light weight
Detachable 4 wheels to prevent damage during transportation 
Foldable to save storage space 

Width 130 cm
Depth 21 cm
Height 78 cm
Volume 213 L
Weight 6.5 kg

The Parts

We are also glad to show you how this transport bag works with pictures attached, please read below:

Hard Box

Detachable wheels and also detachable sides of the hard box

Bicycle bag and strap

The Steps to Build it

1) Stand the box up like this, there are places on the hard box that are bendable, don't worry the material is very strong and not like regular cardboard. Take one of the sides and attach it like the picture above using the velcro on the hard box.

2) Do the same for the other side of the hard box, bend the sides like the picture above, there are velcro placed on many different places on the hard box, you can use them to make it in the same shape as the picture above. Now it looks like a cupboard. Your bicycle should fit in here!


3) Close the other side and use the velcro to seal the box, your bicycle is now ready to fit in the bicycle bag.

4) Place into the bag like this.

5) And the bicycle is placed nicely inside the box and bag. Now you may also attach the wheels on the bottom using velcro so it would be much easier to carry around!

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