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Finis Dryland Cord

Finis Dryland Cord
Brand: Finis
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Finis Dryland Cord

Resistance workouts are a vital aspect of swim training and conditioning. The FINIS Dryland Cords are made with durable rubber tubing and comfortable handles.

Attaching to an anchor point, the Dryland Cords allow swimmers to train outside the water and stimulate swimming motions. The cords isolate important muscles and enhance a swimmer’s speed and endurance while building strength and a better range of motion.

The Dryland Cords are appropriate for swimmers of all ages and abilities and come in three different resistances. The cords are also a great tool to combat injury and maintain strength in the off season.



Workout Outside the Pool
Simulate swimming motions and isolates vital muscles

Resistance Training 
Enhances speed while building endurance and strength

Full Body Workout
Train triceps, chest, biceps, shoulders and abs

Range of Motion
Resistance training increases stroke range

Easy way to combat injury by building specific muscle strength

Provide comfort and safety

Small and lightweight cords travel well

Resistance Levels
Light (Yellow),  Medium (Green),   Heavy (Red)

Cord Length 90.5 inches (230 cm)

Foam Coated Handles for Comfort and Safety

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