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Finis Learn-To-Swim Snorkel

Finis Learn-To-Swim Snorkel
Brand: Finis
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Finis Learn-To-Swim Snorkel

Finis Learn To Swim Snorkel
This “Learn-to-Swim” snorkel allows young swimmers to focus on the basics of floating, pulling, or kicking without having to lift the head to breathe. Designed with a wider tube and smaller mouthpiece for youth swimmers aged 3-9 years. Includes a neoprene head bracket to hold the snorkel comfortably in place and a nose clip for introductory purposes.

Learn To Swim
Teach proper stroke technique and improve body balance to new swimmers by eliminating the complicated breathing cycle

Focus on the basics of floating, pulling, or kicking without lifting the head to breathe

Snorkel Swimmer
Uses specialized neoprene headbracket for comfort

Smaller mouthpiece designed for smaller children(3-9 years old) with smaller lung capacities

Snorkel tube and purge valve engineered for safety and easy clearing of water

Swim Nose Clip
FREE nose clip included for novice swimmers

Product Features

  • Training tool helps beginner swimmers concentrate on basics like floating, pulling and kicking without having to worry about rotating to breathe
  • Center-mount design relax in the water in order to focus on stroke and improve technique
  • Special child length tube shorter in length and wider opening than the Swimmer's Snorkel, it easier on children's lungs
  • Made for Children 3-9 Years
  • Neoprene headband is adjustable and comfortable for children



Snorkel Purge Valve Care

The Purge Valve was incorporated into the Swimmer's Snorkel for several reasons including ease of clearing water from the mouthpiece as well as an increased cardiovascular workout. The purge valve can leak if food or debris becomes lodged between the silicone skirt and the hard plastic retainer of the purge valve. Below are instructions for Purge Valve care and how to clean a purge valve.

Occasionally customers complain that their Snorkel is leaking at the Swivel Ring, this is not possible. In this instance, check for debris in the purge valve.

How To Remove and Clean Purge Valve

1. Remove Purge Valve from the Swimmer's Snorkel by pinching the silicone retaining tube just above the hard plastic purge valve (newer Snorkel's have neon green purge valves for easy identification).

* When removing the purge valve notice which end is facing up and which end is facing down.

2. Once Purge Valve is removed from the Snorkel, you will notice that there are 2 components that make up the valve:

* The hard plastic retainer and the Silicone skirt, which allows for one-way clearing of water and air, and prevents water leakage into the mouthpiece.

3. Remove the Silicone skirt form the hard retainer by gently pulling the flat, circular side of the skirt (non-tip side) away from the retainer. Do not pull on the tip, this is the wrong side.

4. Once the silicone skirt has been removed, place it in a small amount of soap water in the palm of your hand and clean the surface to remove all debris.

5. After cleaning the surface, rinse the skirt with water to remove excess soap.

6. Re-insert the skirt back into the hard plastic gasket.

* Be certain the skirt is locked into place by pulling the tip all the way through the gasket until it notches into place.

7. Now the purge is clean and can be re-inserted into the Snorkel. Note that the tip of the Silicone skirt must be facing up to create the proper flow of water and air.

Check the Snorkel for Proper Seal:

Blow into the purge valve at the bottom of the Snorkel. A properly working purge valve should have an airtight seal and not let air into the Snorkel. If air is allowed into the Snorkel, this is a clear indication that the purge valve needs to be adjusted or cleaned.

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