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Fire-Maple Portable Spider Gas Stove

Fire-Maple Portable Spider Gas Stove
Brand: FireMaple
Categories: *All Camping  Cooking 
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A powerful and lighweight stove with a flexible gas hose. Folds down to a compact bundle and comes with it's own stuff sack .Runs off normal butane / propane gas canisters available cheaply and easy to get.

This stove requires Lyndal adaptor to use normal gas canisters. You have to buy it seperately and it costs RM25.


- Lightweigh but powerful
- Compact design
- Strong construction 
- Cheap to maintain ( uses normal gas )
- Comes with own stuff sack


- Weight: 260 Grams
- Size: 165 mm X 186 mm X 78 mm ( opened )
- Size: 150 mm X 65 mm X 65 mm ( packed )
- Power output : 12000 BTU
- Piezo Ignitor

Last Updated: lin 2019-11-27

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