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Foldable Backpack

Foldable Backpack
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Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia


The ultra light durable mini foldable backpack is perfect for cyclist, trail runners and even for campers alike. It is made with tear-proof material that can withstand quite an amount of load. Feel safe will using this bad as this does not only built to withstand load but it is also weatherproof so that it can protect whatever it is holding inside. Fold it up and keep it like a small pouch when not in use and saves alot of keeping space at home. 


Bikelah Online Shopping Penang MalaysiaBikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia



  • Large main storage pocket suitable for carrying kit and footwear
  • Internal pockets to keep your important stuffs (ICs, and etc.)
  • Water resistant
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Durable construction
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Pink
  • 47 x 35 cm
  • Fold and tuck into built-in pouch measuring only 14 ×15 cm


Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia


Folding The Bag Into The Built in Pouch

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

1) Lay the bag flat on its front facing upwards. (Depending on your preference.)

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

2) Fold the Bag from both sides of the bag towards the centre as shown in the picture above.

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

3) Next from the bottom fold it up towards the upper part where the small pouch is located.

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia
4) Slowly fit the folded bag into the small pouch

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