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Fox 40 Classic Whistle (115 decibel)

Fox 40 Classic Whistle (115 decibel)
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Fox 40 Classic Whistle (115 decibel) Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia


Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia


Comes with same colour lanyard (cord worn around the neck or wrist)

Do you need a whistle? Even if you think you don’t, you’ll find that there are more situations than you can imagine where a powerful whistle would be of great help.  And if you think you have one, then you haven’t tried this one yet.

Used by official referees, rescue personnel and sports professionals around the world, the Fox 40 line of classic whistles is sure to blow you away.

Originally developed for the professional referee market, the Fox 40 has become widely used for safety and protection in many situations and locations.

These "pea-less" whistles have no internal movable parts to obstruct its sound and thus will not stick, freeze or jam up from over-blowing.

Its patented design generates an ear-splitting 115 decibels of shrill sound by moving forced-air in and out of three tuned chambers. Its 115 decibel blast is louder than most man-made and environmental noises, be it ambient noise, engine roar, breaking waves or thundering gale-force winds.

You can safely immerse the whistle in water without possibility of deterioration or failure, since the chambers are designed to automatically clear when submerged in water.

If you can't be seen, be heard!

Comes with wrist coil and brass ring.

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

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