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Howei Full Length Bicycle Transport Carry Bag

Howei Full Length Bicycle Transport Carry Bag
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Howei Full Length Bicycle Transport Carry Bag

Howei Outdoor Bike Transport Bag

Say hello to the newest range of bicycle transport bags! These sturdy yet flexible carry bags have what it takes to fit your entire bicycle straight in.

Howei Carry Bag Bikelah

Two for the price of one! You get the voluminous bicycle transport bag, as well as a convenient laptop-sized carry bag to put all your miscellaneous goods when your bike is in the bag. That's right: you get two bags!

Full size length bike bag
Here is how big it is! Virtually dwarfs that bike.

Can fit entire MTB bike inside
Made of durable canvas with in-built straps and zips to secure your bicycle.

All you need to do to fit your entire bike into the bag is either undo your handlebar so it can fit sideways into the bag, or uncouple the front wheel to allow the handlebar to slide in.



  • Made from highly durable textile
  • Suitable size for most bicycles
  • Water resistant
  • Keeps your bikes dust and dirt free
  • Comes with its own casing
  • Easy to fold and unfold into its casing
Howei Transport Bag

  • Dimension (Unfolded): 180 (L)  x 86(H) x 30(D) cm 
  • Weight: 2.40 kg
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Material: Quality canvas textile material

Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia

Note: If you are checking in at the airport with this bag, ensure that you pad the vital parts of the bike, like derailleur and handle.  And ask for FRAGILE stickers.  Most of the time the bag will be placed on its side rather than standing up, so put enough padding on both sides of the bag.

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