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Hand-made Back-to-Basics Waist Canvas Pouch

Hand-made Back-to-Basics Waist Canvas Pouch
Brand: Howei
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Hand-made Back-to-Basics Waist Canvas Pouch  Bikelah Online Shopping Penang Malaysia


It just can't get any simpler with this canvas pouch, produced locally in Penang, Malaysia and hand-made. The pouch has a single pocket storage area which you can comfortably keep your keys, wallet and even your cell phone or smart phone. With a compact design the pouch will not get in the way when you are participating in any sports or outdoor activities. Because of it's simple design, the pouch can be repaired easily and cheaply by a tailor using all "back to basics" materials that are easily available in the market.

Recommended for Samsung Galaxy Note


Weight: 65 grams.

Color: Canvas green

Dimension: (L) 24cm x (W) 1cm x (H) 12cm

Material: Standard canvas, plastic zipper and metal rings


Instructions on how to put on the Simplest Canvas Pouch:

Step 1: Slide the strap through the 2 iron rings as shown below.

Step 2: Slip the strap backwards through the second ring as shown below.

Step 3: Pull the strap tight and the pouch is secured.

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