Personal Touch Bikelah

Your Personal Touch Labelling Service

Personalize each and every one of your things so everyone will know that it belongs to you!

Or add that special personal touch for someone special to transform it from a generic gift to a one and only unique present from you!


Label Features

  • Our personalized labels are of the highest quality
  • Labels are thermal printed industrial grade label material
  • The adhesive is the most powerful in label technology and lasts for years! (Estimate 5 - 10 years)
  • Labels are waterproof once activated and won't come off after contact with water
  • The printing is bonded to the labels and won't come off even if you scratch it (just don't do it too much)
  • Current label background colour options: White or Yellow.

Bikelah Labelling Services


Current label background colour options: White or Yellow

Labels will be packed together with your order but will not be activated or applied, unless specifically instructed to. You choose where you want your personal labels to go!



  • Limited to 15 characters
  • Only alphanumerical text accepted
  • Upper and lower case alphabets included
  • Does not include symbols and special characters
  • Includes all custom text involving A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and spacing

What are you waiting for? Personalize your things today! Use the Personalize link in your cart, or click  to go to the Personalization page.