Product Declaration

Unless specifically stated, the shape and dimension of a product may vary from the actual stock

This example below states that the product you see on your screen is actual life size; but only if you view it under the screen resolution as recommended.

Our company policy is to try our best to add as much detail to our product to assist you in making a decision to buy.  So whatever existing label information that is already there on the product, if there is additional useful information that we could get from websites or from our own experiences in using the product, we will append to the product description. 

For example, if you hover your mouse over this "Made in" icon, the pop up tooltip will say "Made in Switzerland" 

All our branded products are purchased from authorised distributors and therefore they are all gunuine products.  However, if you come across a product that you suspect is not, please notify us immediately (We thank you in advance!)

We also purchase product subsitutions, especially from China.  Most of these products do not have proper labelling and instuctions on how to use.  Under such circumstances, we will try our level best to improve on whetever scant the information that came with the product originally, with concise writeups, illustrated photos and diagrams, so that your shopping experiance can be made easier and hopefully, more enjoyable.  

If you need the latest full specifications of any products, please email before purchasing from our store.

Our products are entitled to free shipping in Peninsular Malaysia using registered post. Only selected items require shipping charge.