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The World of Blood-Sucking Parasites & Anti Leech Socks

The World of Blood-Sucking Parasites & Anti Leech Socks

Leech socks

The 130-million-year rainforest of Borneo is claimed to be older than the Amazon, and is abundantly rich in both variety and number of flora and fauna. One particular species of fauna strikes fear into all who hear its name. Living deep within this great rainforest is a little inhabitant that brings visitors to their knees.

Like all other fun-filled rainforests in South East Asia, the best lowland forest of Malaysia is always infested with leeches, those crawling, wiggling, slimy blood suckers, which are only too happy to latch onto your naked skin and feast away!

Their bite is nothing more than a minor cut, but the anti-clotting agent in their saliva causes you to bleed profusely for a fair amount of time. Some swoon at the very sight of it, and most find the discovery of a leech to be a terrifying experience. But fear no more!

leech socks as jungle trekking outfit
Leeches suck, so how do you prevent yourself from being leeched dry? The most effective way to prevent leech bite is by wearing anti leech socks or leech-proof socks (leech socks for short), as shown in the photo above. Leech socks have become a standard part of the outfit for jungle trekking in Borneo.

So you want anti leech socks huh?

There are many types of anti leech socks (see following photo). In most cases, you only need one good pair to last you through your exciting journey into the heart of a tropical rainforest.

As you can see from the photo above, there are many varieties of anti leech socks. They may look different, but all employ the same simple mechanism to keep leeches at bay. Basically they are just oversized socks for you wear over your pants, to prevent leeches (and many other creepy crawlies, I might add!) from accessing your skin through the opening of your trousers.

deluxe leech socks

deluxe leech socks outfit
This great range of leech socks has internal elastic grip on the top and bottom of the nylon (blue part), so you don’t need bother tying any strings, which also means it won't slip down easily.

close-up of deluxe leech socks

Personally, I think this is the BEST anti leech sock. Why? Well, I'll tell you!

The material of this anti leech sock is water-resistant and highly durable. This means the socks can be cleaned easily and dried quickly. This is important for a long jungle trip, because wet socks are notoroiously hard to dry in the humid forests of tropical Borneo. The double grip points also keep the leech sock in position at all times.

So basically you slip it on over your feet and pants, then pop your shoes over it, like you would any other pair of socks. Pull the elastic bits all the way up, but not too hard in case you damage the carefully stitched seams. Now no leeches or mozzies or swamp monsters can get to you! Just kidding, them swamp monsters only come for you in your sleep. Teehee.

Enjoy your jungle trek adventure!

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