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A Batik face mask is so traditional and cultural. Makes me proud to be a Malaysian, wearing these eco-friendly, locally designed and made in Penang with washable, breathable cotton,comfy and protective 3 ply with anti virus filter. There's an extra set of adjustable cords when the current elastic ge.. ...continue reading»
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Travel Ear Plugs

Travel Ear Plugs
Brand: Howei
Categories: Accessories 
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Ear Plugs (Protector Auricular)

Soundproof, Waterproof & Concentration

Materials -  Plugs  :  Elastic Foamed Polymer
                 Case   :  Polypropylene
                 Cap     :  Polyethylene

How To Use - 1)  Roll between fingers and insert in the ears
                     2)  It expands inside and conforms to ear canal shapes for a custom fit

Use as directed, washable and reusable 

2 pieces of Made in USA buds, excellent for travel

Comes with casing


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