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BCW Bearing lubrican and TS Chain Lubrication

-30% BCW Bearing lubrican and TS Chain Lubrication
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Products description :

1, BCW Bearing lubricant :
  • Stability Rating above 180 Degrees Flashpoint allows BCW Lubricant to reach extremely low viscosity.
  • Provides surface tension that naturally envelop around the bearing ball. 
  • Improve performance while strengtening and smoothening the bearing components
2, TS Chain Lubricant :
  • Empowers high speed shifting, maximising your efficiency in every pedal.
  • Extremely low viscosity, enables the lubricant to slip in between chain links easily, lubricating even the chain pin.
  • Equipped with high temperature properties, allowing your chain to withstand a temperature of 180 degrees.
Offer to DRCC KOM 2019 participants : 
  • Bundle package set of 1 bottle BCW Bearing Lubricant per bottle 10ml + 2 bottles TS Chain Lubricant per bottle 40ml. ( Malaysia retailing value RM215.00)
  • Participants purchase offer RM150.

  Last Updated: wal 2019-05-31

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