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Nice glove, slightly bigger than I expected as it is meant for my wife. But bigger is better than too small... ...continue reading»

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Lelang Swimming Diving Glove
Nice glove, slightly bigger than I expected as it is meant for my wife. But bigger is better than too small.
Safesea Sting Protection SPF95 Sunscreen
No smell and not sticky - worth the price!
Ergon Ergonomic Grips and Bar Ends
Works well on my bike; good price for a solid set of grips and bull bars Packaging does need work
Safe Swim Float Buoy - Dry Bag with Mobile Phone Pocket (Orange)
Interesting product, I could carry my stuff when swim. The belt could be shorter for smaller size people.
29/04/2017Chris Ng
Sunding Wireless Cycle Meter
Kind of disappointed with it. It is not working :-( The sensor doesn't work... the speed meter doesn't work (even a bicycle shop owner said it is malfunction after trying to fix it over a few times). The only thing works is the clock & time. Well, i will just treat it as a bad investment.
BOI Bicycle Top Tube Double Bag
Handy bike bag thats enough to keep all the necessities but not so big that it flops around like a limp biscuit
Portable Bluetooth Clip-On Outdoor Speaker
Convenient and affordable Bluetooth speaker with good battery life. Can stick to surface some more.
Realtoo Padded Men Cycling Shorts
Economic and practical. The label will drop off after more than 50 hand wash but other than that, the pant still serve its purpose as a cycling pant, lasting pad and waist rubber band.
29/04/2017Andrew Koay
Vincita Stash Pack Alien Expander
Just like the name "Alien expander", you could fold and keep the extra pockets at both sides of the bag if you don't need them. Without the expanded pockets, you can stuff in 1 spare inner tube, 3 pieces of tire levelers, 1 pen and something else small at the center compartment. You need a screwdriver to fix the bad holder clip but you don't need anything else after you fix it. Great water resistance I will say for I always ride in rain and the content is intact.
29/04/2017Andrew Koay
Accel Gel Rapid Energy Nutrition
One pack for 80km (160cm, 62kg, Asian male). As for other energy gel, it is very sweet and I need to sip some water after taking it.
29/04/2017Andrew Koay
Minoura Bike Trainer RDA-2429-R
Very easy to setup and change bikes out, from a 29'er to standard road bike. Plus this unit doesn't rub on your tires, instead rubber wheels turn off the rim. That keeps knobby MTB tires quiet while not wearing your racing tyres. Minoura did a good job with the unit. It folds up, the remote mounts quickly and you can use it indoors while listening to music and not waking the neighbors. The resistance gets tight quickly, so there is plenty of adjustment. Using this unit in conjunction with rollers is the ideal way to train when the roads are not.
29/04/2017Steven R. Farner
Ergon Ergonomic Grips and Bar Ends
Beware!! Fake China product. Definitely NOT Ergon.
Victorinox Pioneer X Swiss Army Knife
Perfeito para minhas necessidades. Tem tudo o que preciso. Finalmente pude comprar um Victorinox com tesoura sem abrir mão da robustez das talas em alumínio.
BOI Bicycle Top Tube Double Bag
Very affordabl n useful! Fast deliver thanks!
08/12/2016Peter Chow
Victorinox Classic Limited Edition "Ride Your Bike"
Such a handy and convenient device! The scissors has got to be the most useful of the tools - I use it all the time to cut threads and sticky tape Just be careful you don't try to carry it through airport security