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A Batik face mask is so traditional and cultural. Makes me proud to be a Malaysian, wearing these eco-friendly, locally designed and made in Penang with washable, breathable cotton,comfy and protective 3 ply with anti virus filter. There's an extra set of adjustable cords when the current elastic ge.. ...continue reading»
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Victorinox Pioneer X Swiss Army Knife
Perfeito para minhas necessidades. Tem tudo o que preciso. Finalmente pude comprar um Victorinox com tesoura sem abrir mão da robustez das talas em alumínio.
BOI Bicycle Top Tube Double Bag
Very affordabl n useful! Fast deliver thanks!
08/12/2016Peter Chow
Victorinox Classic Limited Edition "Ride Your Bike"
Such a handy and convenient device! The scissors has got to be the most useful of the tools - I use it all the time to cut threads and sticky tape Just be careful you don't try to carry it through airport security
Poolmate2 Digital Watch (Grey)
At First I would say: Don't let it's simple cheap outlook cheat you. :p I bought PoolMate 2 Grey at 22/8/2016, test it with few laps on 25m, 100m, 300m & 500m. I'm really surprise on It's high accurate on counting laps, time, distance, strokes & other. Previously I'm using few different garmin device to track my swimming data. But a lot of them will less accurate on turn moment, strokes count. Seriously, I would strongly recommended to all my swim buddy to buy this PoolMate 2 for record their swim data. I would thanks to bikelah online store, they are fast respond on my question & shipping too. I'm sure will return here & buy again. Thanks Bikelah.
02/09/2016John Lee
Funkier Ladies 8 Panel Cycling Shorts
I have now owned these for the better part of twelve months and have used these allot with no signs of wearing out just yet. The size is on the small side of the sizing chart but after wearing them they are now my favourite pair to wear under my baggies. The material is nice and cool and the legs stay put all day long, no annoying and uncomfortable slipping / bunching up, the grip on the band of plastic works really well with out being over the top to the point they rip all your hair out. Personally i found the chomoise to be very comfy when on the saddle especially on those long rides. Im so impressed with these I'm now about to order another two pairs as some of my other brand of undershorts are not as good and when doing multiple days of riding i would like to have a pair for consecutive days with out the hassle of trying to wash and dry them before the following morning.
Swim Buoy with Water Bottle Cage
Useful to carry a bottle of water while you're doing a distance swim in the sea
Sahoo Bike Helmet with Sunglasses
Fits very snugly - vibrant color - cool visor feature!
Poolmate2 Digital Watch (Blue)
Durable and reliable, great value for money! Only complaint is the toggle button. Somehow i always get it wrong in trying to read the log after a swim
Vincita Bicycle Handlebar Touring Bag B010WP-A
I would rather called it handy bag than a handlebar bag because it help me keep those important thing together and easy access. Moreover it was a good quality bag I bought for the purpose of my touring. After having own this bag I use it almost anytime anywhere any weather condition. The quality and benefit of using this bag was way beyond the price I paid for it. Waterproofing was fantastic and all my precious gadget were safe from rain. One of the greatest about this bag was the shape will never deform even though it was hang and hold at single point.
PoolMateHR (Premium Swim Watch With Heart Monitor)
A heart monitor that works in and out of the water. Handy to have! One of the best swim watches on the market!
Padded Cycling Underwear (Women)
Thin and breathable cycling underwear with decent crotch protection, and it doesn't break the bank.
28/02/2016Cycle Clothing Critic
Minoura Moz Roller
I was put off turbo trainers because of taking your wheel off and back on every time you want to use it, that and the more natural feeling you apparently get with rollers over turbo trainers. Assembly was straight forward, you probably don't need instructions, partly put rollers on frame put band on finish putting rollers on - tighten - ride! Took me about 2 minutes to get going on them and ten minutes before I dared completely clip in - don't let the roller scare stories put you off they are easy to get used to! They fold up to a surprisingly small size, slightly less space than a vacuum cleaner. They are also quiet I have my music on quite low and don't really notice the roller and bike noise. Resistance is good - your not going to be able to practice hill climbs on these but thats not the point of them. A great way to get on the bike if the weather is rubbish or you don't know when or how long your free time will be.
Cateye Velo Wireless Plus  Cycle Meter
Fun to see calories used and carbon offset. Well made, user friendly and easy to fit.
Cateye Velo Wireless Cyclocomputer Red
Unlit but solid, easy to read wireless essentials at a good price! The Velo is the cheapest wireless option from Japanese computer supremo Cateye, but it does the basics well.
Cateye Rechargeable Headlight Volt 300
Cateye's Volt 300 single LED front light offers performance that's ample for most commuting situations at a reasonable price. The Volt's battery is USB rechargeable and is also interchangeable with Cateye's Volt 50 rear light - meaning you get useful backup functionality. The Volt also uses Cateye’s robust FlexTight bracket, which can be fitted above or below the bar in moments and allows some rotation. Definitely worth the money!