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A Batik face mask is so traditional and cultural. Makes me proud to be a Malaysian, wearing these eco-friendly, locally designed and made in Penang with washable, breathable cotton,comfy and protective 3 ply with anti virus filter. There's an extra set of adjustable cords when the current elastic ge.. ...continue reading»
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Universal Travel Adapter Double USB
What a great little gadget to take on travels! All in one so won't lose the different parts like the other ones. Clever design!
NiteIze LED Marker Band Red
Love love love this arm band. I walk daily before sun up and often after sun down...along with a reflective vest and shoe neighbor and I are very clearly able to be seen by drivers and other pedestrians. Love this item.
12/10/2015Elizabeth Switzer
Anti Leech Socks
Nifty handy things. Smooth, water-resistant material. Great to keep your legs dry as well as pesky leeches.
Cateye Velo Wireless Plus  Cycle Meter
Cateye computers tend to mix style, function and often a compact size. The Velo Wireless + is one of the firm’s slightly heftier specimens but then it does offer a couple of extra features – namely calories burnt and carbon offset – in addition to the usual readings. This is a classy-looking computer that is easy to install, does the basics well, and gives you a couple of other things to think about. And all for a reasonable RM140.00!
Cateye Volt 100 Rechargeable Headlight
Solid addition to Cateye, powerful beam nice design
PoolMate Swimming Computer
Simplw and easy to use lap counter watch
Roswheel Bicycle Frame (Toptube) Double Bag
GREAT PRODUCT FOR THE PRICE, I would have thought it would cost more. Thank you howei for making it such a low price + free shipping to my house. Highly recommended seller.
Liquid Wrench Chain Lube (Made in USA)
Easy to use - just point and spray! There's lots in there too; one can seems to last forever.
22/05/2015American Dad
Sporteer Sports Arm Band
Seem like your store is selling lot of running gears. I have this arm-pocket, besides it's light weight, the back pocket is very functional.
Roswheel Bicycle Frame (Toptube) Double Bag
Very good Quality MUST BUY NOW !~!!!!!!
22/05/2015Sam Tan
Cateye Volt 100 Rechargeable Headlight
Super powerful beam light! And comes in a great variety of colours to match your bike multicoloured bike frame, although I heard this range of colours is limited. Wish I could collect them all!
22/05/2015Irfan Guy
Dual Bicycle Tower Stand
This Bike Tower is so easy to set-up and can store it neatly in my garage - besides it can hold 2 bicycles.
18/05/2015Philip Ong
PoolMate Swimming Computer
This is an automatic swimming compute, can calculates our laps, strokes,distance,time,besides its lightweight and easy to read the display very efficient for swimmers like me.
Vincita Stash Pack Alien Expander
This saddle bag offers the extra sized pocket whenever the situation demands for it. Thus the reason why the product carries the name "Alien Expander". The side pockets could be expanded from within its zipped enclosure to offer extra storage space. It can carry one spare tube, small tyre/chain tools, tyre patch kits and a decent sized wallet in one package. Of course, once you hit the dirty offroad track, the unit may catch some splatters of mud, but a simple cleaning and drying should do the work to keep it as fresh as new. Items kept inside should be properly wrapped in plastic since heavy rain would allow some water seepage. One precaution though, don't lose your saddle clip assembly since that part is not replaceable. I lost mine, when my first bike was stolen. However, some DIY tinkering with velcro straps see the continued use of the same old bag that have served me well for years now.
Cateye Rapid X2 Tail Light
I very like the 6 modes light pattern and also feel very safe while I cycle at night. And of course, the battery life is very lasting.