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A Batik face mask is so traditional and cultural. Makes me proud to be a Malaysian, wearing these eco-friendly, locally designed and made in Penang with washable, breathable cotton,comfy and protective 3 ply with anti virus filter. There's an extra set of adjustable cords when the current elastic ge.. ...continue reading»
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Bicycle Chain Cleaner
A very convenient tool for effective and easy chain set cleaning. If used properly, it will not mess your floor with spilled degreaser and grime falling off from the cleaning process. Instead all residue and dirt will be contained within the tool for easy subsequent disposal. Once the tool is loaded with the proper cleaning degreaser chemical, simply snap the tool's lid shut over the chain set, and spin away the pedal to have all angles on the chainset be cleaned properly. There's an optional lube recess built on the tool's top lid if you feel lazy to apply lube separately. A few drops of lube on that recess shall combine cleaning and lubing in a single process when you spin out. However, it is best of you do it separately by first wiping off the chain dry and applying dedicated lube on its own. This tool is recommended to be used with SLN Heavy Duty Degreaser to ensure the best results.
Bicycle Chain Cleaner
This is the tool to procure if we want a tidy and hassle free chain cleaning job. Recommended to be used together with the SLN Heavy Duty Degreaser. Pour in the degreaser liquid into the tool receptacle, close the tool lid, spin the pedal and finally, take the tool off the chain, followed by a quick wipe to clear off excess degreaser. That's all required for a perfect chain cleaning job. The brush assembly within the tool really offered a thorough cleaning. The best part is, that a simple rinse with plain water is all that is required to clean the grime and dirt collected by the tool (i.e: if you use the SLN degreaser with it).
Cateye Wind Cycling Bell
This is something worth investing in especially urban bikers, the bell is superb loud and clear till each and everyone pause a moment by the ringing sound.
14/05/2013Marco Lai
DXPower 5000 mAh Portable Backup Battery
After 6 months still going strong ! I am still using this Dxpower 5000 for charging my Samsung Note 2...great product, can't leave home without a fully charged backup battery nowadays!!
Hakers Outdoor Lightweight Jacket for Men
Found this lightweight and durable jacket to be a great companion for travelling. So small and light, I keep it in my backpack all the time. It also helps to protect and keep my jacket or clothes clean when I travel in buses or trains or eat in restaurants
B-Soul Cyclist Outdoor Backpack
If you're a cyclist and what you need is a backpack to store some basic needs for a day trip, this backpack is real value for money !!
Overboard 1-Liter Dry Pouch
Had been raining in Kuala Lumpur the past few days. Did a ride on a Saturday and the drizzle started. Just dumped my precious smartphone on this pouch and it was kept dry throughout the ride. Great value for this pouch but keep in mind its only 1-litre. Phone + phone spare battery pack + keys + pocket tissue is all it can hold.
Sunding Wireless Cycle Meter
After reading the instruction I fixed it on my bike. It DIDNT work. Frustrated, I re-read the instruction. Everything was set up correctly. The screen is showing nicely but it did not register any readings when the wheel was turned around. I suspected the transmitter was faulty. Fortunately I have a multi meter and check the reading of the battery on the transmiter unit. Sure enough, the battery 23A has power of only 2.3 volt. ( This battery should power up to 12 Volt dc.) Bought a fresh battery at rm6, and fixed it. The meter worked fine. Readings were good and accurate as well. Goodbuy for rm40, but nevetheless Howei should check the battery power in both the meter and transmiter unit before despatching them. Be warned that it wont work on your foldie, as the there is a big distance between wheel to the handle bar.. The distance for the transmiter to work should be less than 2 feet. Acid Mustafa
18/07/2012Acid Mustafa
B-Soul Cyclist Outdoor Backpack
The air cool is a great feature of the bag. Can you imagine your bag soaked with sweat sticking to your back !? Rain cover is great to have, and helmet holder, fantastic!
Folding Bicycle Transport  Bag
Delivery was fast, in just 2 days I received this bag. for the price, I consider this bag valuable for money. Fabric is strong and and quite thick too. I presume its a standard airline luggage bag. It fits well for my 20 inch foldie, a XDS A8. However the seat post needed to be removed altogether to get it fit itno the beg, but there is a lot of space within it to place the seat post anyway. One bonus is the carrying bag. when packed the bag fits into the carrying bag and easily held strap to you handle, very convenient to lug it around during your bike tour . It has velcro straping, thus you dont need to tie using bungee cord. Wit this bicycle bag, it makes travel on plane, train and buses a breeze. Highly recomemded Acid mustafa
18/05/2012Acid Mustafa
Sunding Wireless Cycle Meter
Good and economically priced cycle computer. It offers wireless sensor that does not mess up your handle bar with tangling wire setup. I have personally used it for offroad MTB cycling (even in the rain and mud). It still functions as good as ever. The unit offers data for maximum speed, total distance travelled, among the various functions available. Proper installation of the battery, rim size measurement setting and proper sensor placement are the only precautions that are required to ensure optimum operation.
Hand Made Back-to-Basics Travellers Passport Pouch
Used one recently, found this to be simple and useful. My Samsung Galaxy Note sits in nicely. And I like the green canvass material. Only drawback is it's not waterproof. For the price, what more can you ask for?
Cateye Velo Wireless Plus  Cycle Meter
Lezyne Sport Drive HV Bicycle Hand Pump
I used this pump for my recent cycling trip and I find its a great mini pump. It's small, lightweight and robust. The pull out extension cord is handy espeically when my wheel is 20". A highly recommended buy !
Cateye Velo Wireless Plus  Cycle Meter
Easy to use model. Worth buying.