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A Batik face mask is so traditional and cultural. Makes me proud to be a Malaysian, wearing these eco-friendly, locally designed and made in Penang with washable, breathable cotton,comfy and protective 3 ply with anti virus filter. There's an extra set of adjustable cords when the current elastic ge.. ...continue reading»
Eco friendly greenie

Protective Washable Reusable  Face Mask  for Kids ( 2 to 14 years) -23%
Protect the children and keep them safe with these Anti Virus, Anti Bacterial, Breathable, Durable a..
RM29.90 RM22.90
3 Ply Reusable Anti Bacteria Face Mask + Virus Filtration sheet Promo Pack -26%
Family Promotion Pack  3    Reusable 3 Ply Anti Bacterial Face mask (2Adult + 1Kid) ..
RM119.90 RM88.90
3 Ply Reusable Anti Bacteria Yarn Infused Mask + Virus Filtration sheet Promo Pack -17%
1 Reusable 3 Ply PERMANENT  Anti Microbial Yarn Infused Face mask (Adult ) -Limited edition ..
RM35.90 RM29.90
3 Ply Reusable Batik Protective Mask + Virus Filtration sheet+Hand Sanitizer  Promo Pack -44%
Special Offer Pack  1  Batik Protective Face mask (Adult  size) 30 Virus Fil..
RM79.90 RM44.90
Promotion Reusable 3 Ply Anti Bacteria Yarn Infused Mask +  20 Virus Filtration sheet -17%
2 Reusable 3 Ply PERMANENT Anti Microbial Yarn Infused Technology Face mask (Adult ) -Limited edit..
RM71.90 RM59.90