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Minoura Bike Rest Kick Stand

-8% Minoura Bike Rest Kick Stand
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Minoura Bike Rest Kick Stand

Bike Rest Bikelah

Give your bike a rest with Minoura's new Bike Rest!

A compact, folding all metal detachable stand to use on your rides when you’d rather keep your bike upright and not lay it down when resting on longer rides. A great accessory for photo stops, rest stops, or breaks of any kind.

Bike Rest Close up

Perfect for a 700C or 27 inch bicycle


  • Foldable and easy to carry light weight support for the bike

  • Support leg has a Tent pole joint system and can fold or extend in a second

  • Stainless base plate onto the braze-on on the seat tube

  • Velcro strap keep the leg on the bike frame and park on the road

  • The leg length can adjustable with 2 mm hex wrench (not included)

  • Urethane pad can protect your bike finish


  • One year warranty

  • Extendable Length: Between 495 mm to 523 mm

  • Weight: 115g


  • A braze-on is required for the stand to be installed properly.

  • Use on flat and level floor or ground. Do not use on any slanted location.

  • Leg size is adjustable in 20mm travel. Depends on the braze-on height, you may not be able to use PHS-1.

  • Do not get on the bike or apply any load to the bike when using the PHS-1. The leg should be broken.

  • Wrap the rear wheel and frame with the supplied Velcro strap for stability.

  • When storing PHS-1 on the frame, tighten the Velcro tape firmly. If you need to hold on a vertical pipe due to some reasons, you should put it above the bottle cage to prevent dropping down.

  • Do not ride with the PHS-1 extended.

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Last Updated: lin 2021-10-13

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