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Minoura Moz Roller

Minoura Moz Roller
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Minoura Moz Roller Cycling Trainer

Minoura Moz Roller

Behold the Moz Roller! A compact foldable bike trainer that is easy to store and transport!

It is also rustproof and lightweight, and is adjustable to accommodate tires ranging from 24" to 700C

Moz Roller Adjust

This sturdy roller also comes together with a step platform and front guard! 

Moz Roller Step

Product Features

The Minoura Moz Roller is a practical and affordable high end roller solution, perfect for no-impact training at home or anywhere you darn well please! 

The twin Neodymium magnets delivering an amazing 640 Watts of resistance at 25 mph, which is 40% more resistance than it’s nearest competitor. 
  • Compactly foldable into 3 design for easy storage and transport
  • Rustproof and lightweight alloy construction
  • Raised up mid frame works as foot step
  • 80mm diameter alloy roller drum generates natural resistance
  • Painted finish for anti-slip and noise dumping
  • Each roller contains noise insulator for quiet training
  • Wheelbase adjustable from 950mm to 1090mm
  • Position adjustable rear roller allows using 24"/650c bike

Product Specifications


Net Weight 6.2 kgs
Wheel Capacity 24" - 700C
Roller Material Alloy
Roller Diameter  80mm
Roller Width 415mm
Wheel Base Size Capacity 950 – 1090mm
Warranty 1 year

Step & front guard included. Installation is optional. 

And here's a video of it in action! Might want to add your own inspirational background music.

Here is the instruction manual for your perusal. 

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Proud product of Minoura
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