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Swim Buoy by SaferSwimmer™ with 20L Dry Bag (Green color)

Swim Buoy by SaferSwimmer™ with 20L Dry Bag (Green color)
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Swim Buoy by SaferSwimmer™ with 20L Dry Bag (Green color)

Safe Swim Buoy Green

Safe Swim Buoy is designed by professional open water swimmers.It is a lightweight inflatable, dry bag device that visibly floats behind a swimmer in open bodies of water without hindering your swimming performance.The device can be easily pulled along by the swimmer and can hold one's valuables as well as be used in emergencies as a flotation device. Safe Swim Buoy gives open water swimmers, triathletes, or anyone else who would like to add confidence in the water below advantages.
  • Make you visible to boaters and lifeguards
  • Take your stuff along while your swimming
  • A safety device
  • Training tools/Swim lesson use
Open Water

About Safe Swim Buoy
Safe Swim Buoy is already widely approved by swimming experts and coaches, including our strategic partner, International Swimming Hall of Fame.We continue to innovate and improve our products to make open water swim safer and more fun.

Last Updated: wan 2020-07-16

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