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Velo Endzone Plush Relaxed Saddle

Velo Endzone Plush Relaxed Saddle
Brand: Velosaddle
Categories: *All Bicycle  Saddles 
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Velo Endzone Plush Relaxed Saddle VL-6142

Elastomer Suspension Double Density Base   Bikelah Online Shopping Malaysia Penang


The comfortable solution for casual cyclists.Endzone Plush Relaxed Saddle  VL-6142 by Velo is suitable for recreational cyclists who like to ride in a relaxed position and want to fully experience the joy of riding. Velo has designed a series of technologically advanced saddles, able to allocate the body’s weight and absorb shocks. These saddles simply define comfort.

Riding position: Relaxed


1. Comfortable ride for casual cyclists.

2. Elastomer Suspension:

  • The suspension system absorbs unpleasant shocks, while the steel rails provide the necessary stability and firmness.

3. Double Density Base:

  • The saddle base is made of materials with two densities, the lighter material consisting of soft inserts. This technology combines to provide maximum shock suspension and firmness, which guarantees a comfortable ride.

4. Dimension: 262 x 198 mm'

5. Weight: 467 Grams

6. Gender: Unisex


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